• The page is not responding – what should I do?
    1. Check if the note about estimated time of the query has appeared at the bottom of the page. For large subsets of the data calculation of the estimates may take up to a several minutes.
    2. Your session timed out. Try refreshing the page. Please note: the previous unsaved results will be lost.
  • The figure does not appear. What should I do?
    Please check if the information ‘Too many series were selected for a chart to be generated’. You can still download the data which are available in the table and CSV format. If the table does not appear, please refresh the page and submit your query again.
  • I have used the results of the project IMEM. How should I cite them in my paper?
    Please see references.
  • How have been the estimates obtained?
    The harmonised flows were estimated by combining the available data on migration flows, covariate data and expert judgement about migration data collection in Europe, within the Bayesian model. A detailed description of the model, as well as the process of gaining the expert knowledge, is described in two working papers in references.
  • Is it possible to see the full posterior distribution for a given flow?
    Unfortunately it is not possible due to the limitations caused by size of the database. If you are interested in particular characteristics for a given flow, please contact us.
  • Will the database be updated with the most recent flows?
    Perhaps? If we have further funding and time available...